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Bellevue Seal Coat

When it comes to paving installation and maintenance, Ismael's Construction, LLC has been the area's number one choice for over ten years. At Ismael's we specialize in new installation of both concrete and asphalt pavements, repair of existing pavements, and general maintenance, including seal coat. Bellevue residents can rely on our team of experts to provide the highest quality service, no matter what size or type of project they have.

In the entire Puget Sound area, including Bellevue, seal coating and other general maintenance are crucial to integrity and longevity of all your pavement structures. This is especially true for asphalt, which is susceptible to deterioration from weather and other environmental conditions over time. Periodically applying seal coat is one of the most important maintenance procedures that can be done to protect asphalt pavement in Bellevue. Seal coating may seem like a simple procedure but can be very tricky and, if not done properly, won't serve as effective protection for your asphalt.

One of the most important aspects for seal coating is thorough preparation. Before applying a seal coat, Bellevue residents must ensure that the asphalt area has been meticulously cleaned and repaired. All dirt and debris, both imbedded and on the surface, must be removed from the asphalt. This includes soil, clay, and other organic matter which can contaminate the seal coating, diminishing its effectiveness. All oil and gas stains, or other similar spills, should be removed with a reliable solvent; otherwise, such stains tend to leech through even freshly applied seal coat. This process can be time consuming and difficult, especially if you don't have the right tools for the task.

In addition, with regard to preparation for seal coating, all cracks, chips, and other damage need to be properly repaired. Otherwise, those cracks and divots will adversely affect the integrity of the seal coat. All cracks and crevices should be filled within an appropriate sealant. The type and amount of filler to be used typically depends on the size, nature, and location of the crack or divot, and the amount of traffic over the particular area. It also depends on external factors, such as the weather. For instance, cracks are not typically filled in during the hot summer months since the heat expansion of the asphalt will cause the crack to narrow; when the cooler weather comes and the expansion relaxes, gaps will likely occur.

At Ismael's we have all the equipment and tools necessary to make sure your pavement is completely clean, free of debris, and ready to receive a fresh seal coat. We are also experts in repair and will make certain that all cracks, chips, and other malformations are properly fixed so that you will get the maximum benefit from your seal coating.

Whether the project involves new installation, repair of existing pavement, or application of seal coat, Bellevue residents can depend on Ismael's to provide the highest standard of service, using only the best materials and top quality equipment. Call or email us for free estimate/bid on seal coating - Bellevue, Bellevue, Seattle, and Tacoma.

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